Talking Newspaper is the Tops for Anniversary


Wymondham and Attleborough Talking Newspaper is marking its 14th anniversary with a request for plastic milk bottle tops.

The first edition of the audio news and information for visually impaired people was produced on Good Friday, 10 April 1998.

The service is funded by voluntary donations and the plastic milk bottle tops will be used as part of a fundraising stall at the Wymondham Fun Day at Ketts Park on July 1.

Participants in a “Tops in the Jar” competition will receive half price entry if they bring their own (washed) plastic milk bottle tops. These will then be donated to the Plastic4Charity project, launched recently to raise funds for The Matthew Project.

A team of almost 50 volunteers records a weekly digest of news, information and features from the local newspapers. This is then copied onto memory sticks and sent to over 60 blind and partially sighted recipients, free of charge, using the special Royal Mail “Articles for the Blind” concession.

The milestone 700th edition was dispatched at Christmas.

The group also produces a monthly audio magazine and all of the recordings can be accessed via the organisation’s website

W A T N secretary Georgette Vale said:

“We will be asking our listeners and volunteers to collect milk bottle tops but donations from the general public would be appreciated.”

For more information about the Talking Newspaper service, contact Mrs Vale on 01953 605434 or visit the W A T N website.