News and Magazine editions are published on this web site, (Listen to News or Listen to Magazine) but they are also available elsewhere.

Listen on your Mobile phone or tablet using an App:

British Wireless for the Blind Fund (BWBF)  has the Speech Talking Newspaper app for Android or iOS/iPadOS (iPhone and iPad). These apps can be controlled by speech.

Find details of the app here (opens in a new window) BWBF Talking Newspaper App

BWBF also has a purpose-built Bumblebee Smartphone.

For more details, go to the BWBF web page. (Opens in a new window)


Alexa and Google Smart Speaker Instructions

If you have an Alexa or Google smart speaker, it can be used to listen to Talking Newspapers.

Full instructions for both can be found on the British Wireless for the Blind Fund site. This will open in a new window.

Smart Speaker Instructions


Listen as a podcast

If you Subscribe to the podcasts, new editions will be downloaded to your device automatically when they are published.

If you have an Apple device (iPhone, iPad or iPod), or if you use iTunes on a computer, use the following links. They will open in a new window.

WATN News Podcast for Apple

WATN Magazine Podcast for Apple


Other podcast programs may ask for the link to the 'podcast feed'. The are given below for you to copy and paste.

They are quite long and may run over more than one line, so be sure to copy all of it.

For the weekly news:

For the quarterly magazines:

Podcasts can also be heard using Windows 10 programs such as Podit (opens in new window).